Wired Shot Clocks

Our Original Shot clocks were specifically designed to be sturdy, compact and lightweight for portable or fixed mounted applications where it is practical to run control wires from the control console to the remote clock location.
These clocks can also be easily permanently mounted to a wall, basketball backboard or any convienient structure. The controller plugs into a standard 110 volt AC outlet and to the display control cables. The controller and or the clocks can be easily removed for storage should this be required by the facility.
Extremely reliable and easy to use, these shot clocks come with a 2 button controller, two LED large digit display units and two 50 foot control cables. The control cables only carry 12 volt DC power. The controller operates on 12 volts DC which is produced by the 110 volt AC adaptor/power supply included with the set.
Units are supplied with two lengths of 50 feet of contol cable with plug in connectors on each end. Longer cables or extensions are available.
One of the major advantages of our product line is that all electronics operate on 12 volt dc so the entire system can be operated from a 12 volt car battery or a rechargeable battery pack.

Timing range can be easily set from 1-99 seconds in one-second intervals by starting in "program mode". The timing range can be set to suit the needs at the time - you can use the clocks for drills, ie: 10 or 15 seconds to get a shot away; or 25 or 40 seconds for a training session.