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Neptune Dynamics Portable Time of Game Clock

An easy convenient way to clearly display the Time of Game remaining for many sports. Used for Lacrosse, Soccer, Water Polo and other sports. Any period length up to 99 minutes is displayed brightly in minutes and seconds as the time counts down.
Convenient wireless remote control starts and stops the clock with play. The unit can be reset from the remote only at zero time. Portable operation with optional battery packs allows game time in locations without power. Convenient power supplies can be used in those locations with easy access to power.

These clocks are designed for simple assembly and use. The displays have convenient brackets for hanging which also serve as the siren mount and for latching the two displays together for safe transportation and storage. The battery-powered remote control provides a convenient method for the time keeper to pause the clocks. As radio waves are blocked by metal objects, the hand-held remote control should be kept in an open area. Button presses should be deliberate, not quick pecks at the remote. (The 9-volt battery should be fresh. Weak batteries may cause poor operation.)

The mounting brackets on the top of the clock provide a place to attach the siren. The quick release pin is used to anchor the mount to the bracket. This same pin is used to hold the two displays together face to face when not in use. The pin should be installed from the outside edge of the clock facing inwards. The siren does not need to be removed from the clock for storage. Connecting the clock is a simple matter of connecting the siren and the power cord. The siren cord plugs into the upper jack on the right hand side of the clock.