Neptune Dynamics provides support and service for a variety of machines that are no longer actively being produced but which remain in service around the world. It is a testament to the quality of our products that these machines still continue to operate. We provide spare parts, upgrades and maintenance upon request. Please include your model number and serial number from the machine name plate with your requirements.

We can be reached by or by fax at 1-877-561-7536.

These products include :
• HD1SU Herring Sex Sorting "The Original Sex Sorter"
• RHO Roe Poppers
• OTTO Auto Feeder
• Rotating Tube Size Graders
• BIF : Bento Ikura Filler
• Salmon Glazer

• WIN-CCS Computerized Can Scanner -The most advanced DDD available!
• EDM End Deflection Machine
• Combo Checkweigher and Double Dud Detector